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How To Become Jewish (And Why Not To)

by Daniel Greenberg

How To Become Jewish (And Why Not To) answers a series of questions about the process of conversion to Judaism. It explores the way converts are treated during and after the process, and makes a number of recommendations for change.

This book is not a systematic manual for conversion; nor is it an exhaustive treatment of the subject. The author draws on his experience of preparing candidates for conversion to offer what are intended to be helpful observations about the process.

The book consists primarily of a set of questions, as follows:

Question 1     –     Why would anyone want to become Jewish?
Question 2     –     How do “regularisation” cases arise?
Question 3    –     How do “marriage” cases arise?
Question 4     –     Why does anyone want to become a “real” convert?
Question 5     –     What exactly is conversion?
Question 6     –     How does the process work today in the United Kingdom?
Question 7     –     How does the process work in America?
Question 8     –     How does the process work in Israel?
Question 9     –     What are the basic skills a candidate needs to master?
Question 10     –     How much does conversion cost?
Question 11     –     How long does the process take?
Question 12     –     Will I need to be circumcised?
Question 13     –     Which is the best country to convert in?
Question 14     –     Which Beth Din should I choose?
Question 15     –     Why should I have an orthodox conversion?
Question 16     –     Is it really necessary to be so hard on prospective converts?
Question 17     –     Why does Judaism not proselytise?
Question 18     –     What status do converts have in the Jewish community?
Question 19     –     So what does the convert get out of the process?
Question 20     –     What kind of Jew should I become?
Question 21     –     Need conversion cut me off from my family and friends?
Question 22     –     Do I have to be a Zionist to become Jewish?
Question 23     –     What most needs to be changed?

How To Become Jewish (And Why Not To) is available from Amazon, Borders online and WHSmith online, as well as bookshops through Hendon, Golders Green and Temple Fortune (more shops coming soon). However, it is slightly cheaper to buy direct from the author. Contact him at Price is £6, +£1 p&p if required, +50p if paying by cheque (to cover bank charges).

About the author:

Daniel Greenberg lives in North West London with his wife, his four children and no dog. He qualified as a barrister in 1987. He was a full-time civil servant from 1988 to 2008, serving first as a legal adviser in the Lord Chancellor’s Department and then in the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, London. From the beginning of 2009 he serves part-time as Parliamentary Counsel, and is also a Consultant Editor for Westlaw UK, a freelance legislative drafter and a freelance writer. He is also the editor of Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary, of Craies on Legislation and of Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law. He has written on Jewish law and philosophy for the Jewish Chronicle, is an adviser to the Jewish Association of Business Ethics (JABE) and has been involved in many Jewish educational programmes over the years (including Jewish Youth Study Groups and Family Week).

Daniel Greenberg has been a tutor for conversion candidates under the London Beth Din for the last 10 years. This book is based on knowledge and experience gained during that work.


Written by Yisroel Greenberg

July 8, 2009 at 9:58 pm

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