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Another Rabbi goes to prison – no news there …

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  1. The really depressing thing about the reports that former Israeli Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger is to plead guilty to corruption charges in a plea bargain is how completely un-shocking the reports are.
  2. I don’t suppose anybody is surprised that an Israeli Chief Rabbi was prepared to take bribes.
  3. How shocking is it that it’s no longer shocking?
  4. Never mind – let’s just keep repeating the mantra Mi K’Amcho Yisroel and not worry about the real world …
  5. Sometimes it seems that almost every large Jewish religious institution around the world is beset by scandals of corruption and abuse.
  6. Perhaps that means that individual Jews need to become completely self-reliant for recognising and applying Jewish values in their own daily lives, and cannot expect to get much in the way of reliable guidance from anybody else.
  7. And perhaps that’s no bad thing …

Written by Daniel Greenberg

January 7, 2017 at 10:20 pm

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