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Shemittah Year and the Heter Mechirah

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1.  I attended an excellent shiur on the halochos of shemittah this afternoon.

2.  The issues underpinning the controversy around the heter mechirah were carefully explained.

3.  The conclusion was that for preference heter mechirah produce should be avoided in chutz la’aretz; but that it can certainly be relied upon if necessary, and should not be avoided at the cost of causing offence or creating divisions.

4.  All fine so far as it goes: I would add one thing.

5.  At a time when people are boycotting Israeli goods, many Jews in chutz la’aretz who want to show their solidarity for Israel will see buying Israeli goods as one effective way of doing that: and they will certainly want to rely on the heter mechirah for that purpose and will be pleased to know that without doubt they have solid halachic ground on which to rely.

6.  Hopefully this year will bring peace to Israel and the whole world, and we will all be able to support every nation’s commercial endeavours in a spirit of universal harmony.


Written by Daniel Greenberg

September 27, 2014 at 8:18 pm

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