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Yeshivah Inspections – Points of View

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1.  Last week’s Hamodiah carries an indignant out-pouring about the enormities inflicted on the yeshivah world by two Government inspectors who arrived in the middle of a rosh yeshivah’s shiur and attempted to insist on verifying the students at once without waiting for the end of the shiur.  They were ejected by zealous students, the rosh yeshivah complained to the Government, and at least one meeting was organised at which the yeshivah world erupted into a self-righteous hysterical frenzy of scandalised victim-hood.

2.  The Torah-true response to the incident would, of course, have been upon the following lines.

3.  “What a disgrace it is for the Torah world that by the crooked behaviour of a number of so-called yeshivahs in claiming Government grants for non-existent students the Government has entirely reasonably found it necessary to inflict upon us the shame of having our claims verified by inspection of attendances; what a lesson this humiliation should be for us that by purporting to be orthodox and learned Jews our behavour should be beyond reproach or we heap insults on the Torah itself; let us at least try to restore our self-respect as a community, and a perception of decency in the eyes of others, by cooperating with the inspectors in a humble and helpful fashion; and, in particular, let us not waste even more of the public money by keeping the inspectors waiting just because we happen to be in the middle of learning – learning can wait, but reestablishing the honour of the yeshivah community cannot.”

4.  Simples?


Written by Daniel Greenberg

July 31, 2011 at 7:59 am

2 Responses

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  1. I agree with most of this although perhaps it is not unreasonable to expect the inspectors to wait until the end of the shiur.

    Barry Gross

    August 5, 2011 at 2:43 pm

  2. Everyone here was wrong! The inspectors were wrong to insist on making a headcount during the Shiur. The zealots were wrong to manhandle the inspectors. The newspapers were wrong to get so indignant over the incident. But the inspectors came with good reason. They suspected – and were, unfortunately, probably correct – that the Yeshivah had registered student who never attended the Yeshivah. They had every right to visit unannounced. A visit by appointment who have brought back every “registered” student for the duration of the inspection. They should have, therefore, waited until the Shiur was concluded and they carried out the headcount. They may even have benefitted from listening to the Shiur. But what must be considered is the very fact that they had to inspect in the first place. Any Yeshivah or Kollel which registers phantom students ic creating a massive and unacceptable gross Chillul Hashem. The who ethos of the Yeshivah is put into jeopardy. The whole learning may be said to be under false pretences. In that case, was it really worth the Yeshivah existing in the first place?

    Henry Ehreich

    September 11, 2011 at 4:07 pm

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