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The Psychic Octopus and Torah Codes

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1.  So Paul the psychic octopus has done it again, correctly predicting Germany’s defeat by Spain in the World Cup.  Which means, of course, that Paul is a genuinely intelligent and prescient being who is capable of guiding humanity by accurately predicting the future in various ways and doubtless offering all kinds of spiritual and intellectual advice and support.

2.  Or, if you have any sense, it serves as a reminder that given any two random series of numbers or other data there is a certain percentage chance of correlation and that, given an infinite number of possible combinations of series, it is unsurprising that from time to time we stumble across two series with no substantive connection that correlate randomly.

3.  So back to the Torah codes.  If by following the Fibonacci sequence and adding three each time and applying it to the text of the Torah I can produce the sentence “Israel will not succeed unless [insert your own favorite obsession here]” I have proven conclusively either that I am a gullible idiot with too much time on my hands or that I am an unscrupulous obsessive who hopes that other people are gullible idiots with too much time on their hands.  I have not, however, proven anything else.


Written by Daniel Greenberg

July 8, 2010 at 7:59 am

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