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Converting to Judaism: How to Become Jewish (and Why Not To).

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1.  I have been threatening for some time to publish my thoughts on how the conversion process works, does not work, and ought to work.

2.  I have now done so: How to Become Jewish (And Why Not To) is now in print.  It describes itself as an impractical guide to the conversion process, and is certainly not intended to be an authoritative or comprehensive manual.  It is written carefully from a point of view likely to annoy all sides of the religious spectrum equally, although it purports to be an orthodox publication and will therefore (probably) annoy the left a little more than the right.

3.  The book is available on Amazon and can be ordered through booksellers – ISBN 978 – 1 – 906645 – 96 – 0.  But the cheapest way of acquiring it is direct from me at cost (about £6.50, depending on method of payment and delivery requirements): email me at

4.  The book consists of a series of questions:

Question 1     –     Why would anyone want to become Jewish?
Question 2     –     How do “regularisation” cases arise?
Question 3    –     How do “marriage” cases arise?
Question 4     –     Why does anyone want to become a “real” convert?
Question 5     –     What exactly is conversion?
Question 6     –     How does the process work today in the United Kingdom?
Question 7     –     How does the process work in America?
Question 8     –     How does the process work in Israel?
Question 9     –     What are the basic skills a candidate needs to master?
Question 10     –     How much does conversion cost?
Question 11     –     How long does the process take?
Question 12     –     Will I need to be circumcised?
Question 13     –     Which is the best country to convert in?
Question 14     –     Which Beth Din should I choose?
Question 15     –     Why should I have an orthodox conversion?
Question 16     –     Is it really necessary to be so hard on prospective converts?
Question 17     –     Why does Judaism not proselytise?
Question 18     –     What status do converts have in the Jewish community?
Question 19     –     So what does the convert get out of the process?
Question 20     –     What kind of Jew should I become?
Question 21     –     Need conversion cut me off from my family and friends?
Question 22     –     Do I have to be a Zionist to become Jewish?
Question 23     –     What most needs to be changed?

5.  I have not been able to discover that it is against the rules to use this Blog site for an advertisement – but if anybody knows that it is, please let me know and I will remove this at once.  Many thanks.


Written by Daniel Greenberg

June 14, 2009 at 10:28 am

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